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Clubbing and partying in Puerto Banús and Marbella

Leaving Clubbing and Party in Puerto Banus and Marbella will make you spend your best moments in the company of your friends at the most desired parties.
The beaches of Puerto Banus are comfortable and they rent sunbeds at quite reasonable prices. Many sun loungers are part of the bars and restaurants, so you do not need to walk too long to get a drink or a snack. With the height of summer, the beaches are filled with people, but rarely are crowded; It is easy to find a hole in the sand in which to relax under the rays of the sun. But this is Puerto Banus, and would lack all charisma if you did not have that glamorous side that your beach clubs give you. Below we present our opinion of the best beach clubs in Puerto Banus.

Sea Suite

The Golden Mile

This bar-restaurant and disco has one foot inside and another outside the beach. The comfortable sofas and sun loungers adorned with colorful cushions and sunshades during the day, while at nightfall the party begins in the area of ​​the restaurant that becomes a nightclub with DJs and exquisite cocktails. It is also an ideal place to eat or have a romantic dinner during the sunset.

Mistral Beach Club

Puerto Banus |

The atmosphere at Mistral Beach is relaxed and family friendly. It has a good bar-restaurant where ice cream and cocktails are sold. Its location in Puerto Banús makes it a perfect place for family, but it is also associated with Hollywood Watersports, offering a wide variety of water sports: jet skis, banana, water skiing and wakeboarding.

Ocean Club Marbella

Puerto Banus |

Ocean Club is one of the most exquisite places to see and to be seen in Puerto Banus. Next to the beach there is a sea of ​​white and light blue sun loungers, a set of tables arranged impeccably and a huge swimming pool. The atmosphere is enlivened with house music and chill-out and the waiters are constantly willing to please you. The restaurant is famous for its local seasonal products and for hosting some of the best nightclubs during the summer.

Beach Room

Puerto Banus |

This spacious beach club, decorated with Thai motifs and sun loungers in the sand and by the pool, has always been at the forefront of the beach scene of Puerto Banus: every thing they did was emulated by the other clubs. All the loungers have waiter service and the restaurant caters to its over one hundred guests with Mediterranean food with a Thai twist. The bar is ideal to escape from the midday sun and offers good lunches that invite you to get away from the pool for a while.