Most people enjoying vacations in Marbella usually do so during the summer months. But the truth is that during winter, the city offers several activities to enjoy with the family as well, especially during Christmas. This is because, besides the stores, restaurants and interesting places that can be visited, during Christmas there are several activities scheduled that fit all tastes and ages, especially children. And certainly, the most international commercial area of Marbella couldn’t stay away from the Christmas spirit that permeates the streets around these dates.

But furthermore, on these days, the sun shines on blue skies, offering a very favourable climate for visitors. Unsurprisingly, Marbella has 325 sunny days per year, with an average temperature of 18°C. It is for all these reasons that a family getaway to Puerto Banús is an ideal choice for spending Christmas. Below we bring you some activities that you can do and places you can visit in Puerto Banús that the whole family will love.

  1. See the Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Park) with oranges

The City Hall Park, called Plaza de los Naranjos, is stunning this time of year. During spring we get to see the orange trees blossom and give off their pleasant scent. In summer their buds blossom, but winter is the only time of year when you get to see the orange trees filled with fruit and take in the colourful landscape they offer the city.

  1. Take some hot chocolate with churros

At 18oC hot chocolate and churros are a much more attractive option than during the summer. During the Christmas days, the sun sets much earlier, and taking a heartwarming cup of hot chocolate and churros with the family while watching the sun set is a wonderful experience.

  1. Stroll around the old town during the night to see the Christmas lights

The old town of Marbella is one of the most popular spots in all of Andalucía. This is because even when it’s a modern city, it has managed to maintain its Andalucian small town essence, just like Puerto Banús. Imagine seeing it full of Christmas lights. A show of dazzling beauty the kids can also enjoy.

  1. Sing Christmas Carols while sunbathing or even taking a dip at the beach

It’s not necessary to go to the Caribbean to enjoy vacations at the beach. A family getaway to Puerto Banús is also ideal for enjoying eating outdoors or sunbathing at the beach. The winter sun is pleasant in this city, especially when you consider that just last week you were in your city wearing a scarf and gloves.

  1. Go shopping at Puerto Banús

On these dates Puerto Banús is less crowded than during the summer. That’s why if you like shopping at the best luxury stores in Marbella, it’s the perfect moment to do so. Imagine walking into a boutique and buying at your leisure, getting the salespersons’ full attention. It’s the dream of every fashion victim.

  1. Wear a gorgeous dress on New Year’s Eve without having to cover it with a coat

With the mild temperatures of Marbella this time of year, around 15°C, you can leave the coat behind and show off your new model. But also, Marbella is a city that is rich in culture and customs, so there are no limits. It’s possible to attend a Christmas party dressed as a true Hollywood star or even with a more casual look.

  1. Enjoy the best sunsets of the year

Between December and February the sun is at its lowest point, so it’s possible to see some of the most impressive sunsets of the year over the sea. A show that doesn’t take place during the Summer.