At the heart of Costa del Sol, on the stunning avenue that joins Marbella with Puerto Banus, we can find Marbella’s Ralli Museum, which opened its doors in the year 2000 and is host to one of the most important Latin-American art collections in Europe. A clear evidence that, besides beaches, golf clubs, luxury restaurants and stores, there is also a place for culture in Marbella. It’s one of the best activities you can take part of during your vacations in Marbella, since it is quite pleasant, interesting, and can be combined with a nice tour of Puerto Banus and a visit to the Río Verde Roman Villa.
This museum is part of a group of museums located in Uruguay, Chile, Israel and Spain which became one of the first international art series in the world. It was altruistically founded with the goal of bringing the talent of Latin-American and Spanish painters to the rest of the world and having the visitor enjoy the art exhibits freely and with privacy in order for him to form his own perception. This is why admission is completely free for anyone wishing to enjoy their exhibits.
As a whole, the Ralli Museums offer a space for the exhibition of works by the best Argentine, Uruguayan, Chilean, Venezuelan, Colombian and Mexican artists, as well as a selection of European and American artists, with names like Joan Miró or Salvador Dalí standing out. But they also have the particularity of being the only museums in the world displaying the work of living Latin-American artists.
Marbella’s Ralli Museum has 10 ample exhibition rooms in which the visitor can discover a great variety of artworks by contemporary artists from almost every country in Latin-America, their paintings showing the influence of the great artists of the Old Continent.
Most of the artworks are surrealist, but we can also find a great variety of works belonging to other art movements. It may also be interesting to know that next to the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions are usually organized. Some of the works that are worth mentioning are those of Wilfredo Lam (Cuba), César López Claro (Argentina), Leopoldo Torres Agüero (Argentina), Antonio Seguí (Argentina), Roberto Matta (Chile), Herman Braun-Vega (Peru), Mario Aguirre (Mexico), Víctor Quiroga (Argentina), Marc Chagall (Russia), Joan Miró (Spain), Salvador Dalí (Spain) and Giorgio de Chirico (Italy).
To sum up, the Ralli Museum is one of the cultural activities you cannot miss if you spend your vacations in Marbella.

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Sundays & Mondays closed

340, KM 176. 29600. Marbella / Málaga. Spain.

Tel. (34 952) 85 79 23

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