Cycling is all the rage nowadays. More and more people are approaching this sport which, besides being a healthy activity, allows them to traverse several kilometers past gorgeous vistas through areas that are not accessible by car. Nothing beats spending a day with family or friends doing sports and enjoying landscapes that contrast with what we’re accustomed to see every day. Which is something that happens in cities as urban as Marbella, where in spite of the great luxury, hotels, restaurants and top brands, the traveler sometimes finds the need to escape urban life and meld with nature.

So if you’re thinking of spending your holidays in Marbella, today we bring you one of the best trails you can enjoy between the city and the beautiful Sierra de las Nieves in Ronda. We recommend that you start from Ronda, since 80% of the trail is downhill. Furthermore, being more rested will let you better enjoy the landscape that was declared a Natural Park in 1989, and is also a World Biosphere Reserve due to its beauty and species richness.

It is also a very forgiving trail, even for those who are not accustomed to Mountain Biking; it has a medium-low difficulty and a duration of 2 to 4 hours. The trail runs past beautiful and picturesque places in natural environments which you can ride through with no danger. You will find steep and peaceful areas characterized by ideal conditions and an exceptional climate offered by the mountain ranges that run parallel to Costa del Sol.

If you decide to start the trail from Marbella, you will only find a flat zone on the first few kilometers. Upon arrival at the N-340 intersection with the Ronda road and all the way up to Puerto del Madroño you will have to clear a 1,000-meter slope along 23 kilometers; a noteworthy accomplishment. Only upon arrival at Puerto del Madroño will you find a slight downhill slope for 6.5 kilometers, only to start climbing again after that. Past Cruz del Hierro, and with the exception of some occasional slight uphill incline, most of the way is downhill.

In either case, you can rest assured that the vistas you will enjoy are absolutely worth it.