Speaking of Puerto Banús is speaking of luxury, glamour, exclusivity, commerce, sports, culture and constant vibrancy. It’s an ideal destination for family holidays as well as for enjoying leisure, beaches, luxury shopping and sports such as golf.

Puerto Banús has become a hub for important figures from around the globe: royal houses, governors, actors, businessmen, elite athletes… Sheltered by the sea and the magnificent climate of the area, large and famous yachts have sailed the Marbella coastline. Its privileged location and the large amount of popular figures that visit it make it one of the top summer destinations in our country. No less than 5 million tourists arrive every year drawn by its exclusive fashion stores, its luxurious hotels, its beaches and its great variety of restaurants – a true representation of international cuisine.

The Boulevard de la Fama (Walk of Fame) of Puerto Banús pays tribute to the great personalities that have contributed to promoting the city of Marbella through their professional dedication. And the imposing sculpture of artist Salvador Dalí can be seen on the roundabouts that lead to the port.


A little history of Puerto Banus

Located in Marbella, in the heart of Costa del Sol, Puerto Banús is a highly luxurious marina. It has been one of the largest entertainment, luxury shopping and glamour centers in all of the Malaga coastline since its opening in 1970.

The original idea was to build a Hollywoodesque Beach Club for the Marbella Club Hotel, but it was concluded that that was not the proper location to erect tall skyscrapers. It was therefore decided to meld the sophisticated style and the desired glamour with the popular architecture of the coastal Andalusian towns.

But the selection of the enclave has to be attributed to its architect, José Banús. It is a coastal location with privileged climate, which makes it a unique place, and year after year it has been consolidating as one of the key destinations of nautical tourism in our country, becoming the true forefront of the world’s top commercial and luxury boating brands.

This is how Puerto Banús came to be; the first port designed by a sole architect with an unprecedented touch of exclusivity.