If there’s a place in Costa del Sol where you can enjoy an active nightlife 365 days a year, it’s undoubtedly the capital of glamour and exclusivity. We are referring to Marbella, a place of international fame that, besides its sun and beaches, offers a great variety of fashion stores open till dawn, and several bars and pubs downtown for those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.

This is why it’s not surprise that every year the city receives thousands of tourists of all ages from every corner of the world, who are lured not only by the active nightlife, but also by the first-rate stores. So if you’re thinking of spending New Year’s Eve in Marbella or you just want to go on a getaway as a couple of with friends, today we bring you a selection of the best clubs to party in Marbella.

a. Ocean Club
This beach club in Puerto Banus is the best example of the nautical exclusivity. Sea breeze, sun, and a very pleasant environment are the ingredients that sparkle in the thousand-square-meter swimming pool of this establishment. Outdoor canopy beds where you can relax and chat quietly while having a delicious Mojito and enjoying a cosmopolitan environment. Saturday is the best day to visit.

b. Olivia Valère Nightclub
It’s one of the most high-class and luxurious nightclubs in Marbella, located right before entering Puerto Banus. Nevertheless, you should be aware that drinks are quite expensive, so if you are on a limited budget, you may want to avoid it. That said, it’s worth visiting just to admire its decoration, enjoy its comfortable couches and its atmosphere. Besides, occasionally you can also enjoy live bands.

c. Funky Buddha
This nightclub is a true benchmark of nightlife in Marbella. An exclusive place of international fame located in the vicinity of the Mosque and offers all kinds of fun in a VIP environment. If you like these sorts of environments, you can’t leave this establishment off your list of places to visit during your stay in Marbella.

d. Nikki Beach

Located across the sea, Nikki Beach is a world in itself. A VIP beach club imported from Miami which is a must for party lovers that spend a few days in Marbella. During the day or night, this establishment will engulf you in an environment of exclusivity, sexy and full of glamour. All this accompanied by the most modern music from both cutting-edge DJs and the most amazing musicians. The perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable party.

e. Finca Besaya
For the more classic people, we recommend Finca Besaya. An exclusive restaurant with a drinks bar located at Urbanización Río Verde, halfway between Marbella and Puerto Banus. A quiet place frequently visited by famous people. Ideal for those who wish to enjoy a drink at a quiet place surrounded by the best environment.