Weather in Marbella

As is the case with the rest of the Costa del Sol, the weather in Marbella is, almost year-round, truly superb. Sandwiched between the Sierra Blanca Mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean, it enjoys something of a micro-climate, with year-round temperatures of around 19degc (or the mid-60s Fahrenheit) and an average of 320 days of sunshine.

Below is our breakdown of what to expect from the Marbella weather from your trip…

June to September

There’s a reason that Marbella and Puerto Banus first saw an influx of foreign visitors in the 1960s and 1970s: the guaranteed sun, sea and sand of summer in southern Spain. The fact is that Marbella sees fewer than 50 days of rain per year (in some years many fewer) and almost none of these occur during the summertime. Daily highs regularly soar to 35c, with nights only dropping to a low of 15c – which means you can leave the sweaters at home and pack that extra swimming suit.

October to December

As the autumn sets in, the beach clubs pack up and the searing heat of summer begins to gradually drop, the unbroken blue skies give way to the odd fluffy cloud, and generally, a bit of rain in November and December. As is the case with the spring, temperatures are very pleasant, and with the holiday crowds thinning out, autumn in Andalucia can be many people’s favourite time of year.

January to March

Winters on the Costa del Sol tend to be mild, to say the least. In February and March the temperatures rarely drop below the late to mid-teens, and the sun can usually be guaranteed to shine most days. Catch it right and you can get a week or two of beautiful winter sun and early 20s temperatures – coming from the perma-grey, drizzle, frost and snow of northern and central Europe, say, it can feel positively sub-tropical.

April to May

‘En abril, aguas mil…’ April – the time of 1,000 rains. So the saying goes, anyway. In reality, spring and autumn are the times when you’re most likely to see some rain in the south of Spain. However, you’re just as likely to encounter blue skies and warm sunshine throughout. Temperatures at this time of year are a balmy early to mid-20s, with a refreshing breeze rolling in from the east as a general rule – perfect for a round of golf or any other type of outdoor pursuit, in other words.

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