Restaurants in Marbella

A tremendous gastronomic variety

Marbella has a tremendous gastronomic variety: it has something for every pocket, taste and occasion. We encourage you to try in several of the best restaurants in Marbella of different gastronomic styles, during your holidays in this city.


In the narrow and picturesque street of San Lázaro you will find three small bars: Bar Bartolo offers a special dish of the day for only five euros; The La Niña del Pisto tavern and the El Estrecho Bar are local of small proportions but with great character. These three tapas bars are very reasonably priced.

It is worth getting out of the old town of Marbella in an easterly direction to calmly walk the promenade. Passing the Beach of Venus and the Beach of La Bajadilla one arrives to the fishing port, a beautiful area populated by fishermen's houses; A delightful landscape. There are more neighbors than tourists, but you will still find several restaurants specializing in fish, including La Relojera, Los Cañizos and El Luca.